Parent Involvement Preschool (PIP)

We are a parent-run preschool. Unlike other preschools, Parent Involvement Preschools (PIP) are based on a model that includes direct parent involvement. They are a great place for both children and parents to learn new skills, build community and to enjoy together their first school experience.

Parents have the opportunity to be with their child in the classroom, attend evening information sessions offering free parenting education, and have a say in the administration of their child’s school – meeting on average one night every month for the discussion of school business.

Parents are involved in 3 mains ways:

  1. Parent duty role: Each family assumes a role to assist in the administration of the school. Roles range from president to fundraising and require various levels of time and commitment
  2. Voluntary Duty Days: Parents can assist in the classroom under the direction of the teachers. This includes helping with activities and supervising the children
  3. Parent education nights: Parents are encouraged to attend information sessions where experts in their fields are brought in to speak to us, and other local preschools, about topics relevant to preschool and parenting.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Meeting other families, making new friends and being part of a community
  • Direct involvement in your child’s preschool
  • Greater affordability then privately owned schools
  • Sharing classroom time with your child and their peers
  • Opportunity to increase parenting skills and share information and experiences about child-rearing with other parents.